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Hi 👋. This is wandersick. I work in IT. I started out my career in system administration, facinated with operating system internals and scripting. During the ride, I have developed assistive software, AeroZoom, as well as other free utilities. I also contribute my knowledge on my tech blog and serve inspirational quotes on various platforms for over a decade.

I hope to contribute technical knowledge which I deem beneficial. Sometimes I cannot google solutions to problems, and I hope to solve and document them on my blog to benefit others, such as scripts I have written to work around limitations of Windows (e.g. Englishize Cmd which was one of my most popular projects on the then retired Microsoft TechNet Gallery), or software which enhances zooming experience in Windows, AeroZoom 🔎, which has been downloaded over tens of thousands of times and reported by media such as LifeHacker.