I've been thinking about this for weeks, and I've come to a place in my life where I want to do the most good around me--yet I find that the barrier always seems to be money. Not time, not tools, not even skill or talent...just money.

It made me sad.

Because my wish for money has always been to allow me the resources to dedicate more time to entertain you. To write more novels, more short stories, create more games and generate more content that you love.

Money = Time & Focus for Wanted Hero

But I'm compelled to work long, long hours to make sure my family still eats and can live indoors during the cold months of the year. Those hours are spent using my skills and ideas to build other people's worlds.

Other people's dreams.

It's not a bad thing. It's really not...but it makes me sad.

Because I know...not believe but know--that if I was able to make just 'enough' to cover the basics, I'd focus all my time on what I love doing most: developing Wanted Hero.

...and I do believe that if enough people saw what was already created, the books already available---I just might find that kind of support.

It's why I'm building WantedHeroWorld.

A place to pour all my heart and soul (and substantial notes), to build an interactive online fictional world, just for you. One that will continue to grow over time--expanding on each and every story, idea, and hopefully, solve my money challenges once and for all.

If you haven't seen what's being built, I'd like to suggest you check it out.

...and if you like it...then tell people about it.

~ Jaime Buckley