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#warcoffee talks about something. The wa ...

#warcoffee talks about something. The war is

Jan 14, 2023


I've made a warcoffee, lit the candle, took two chocolate candies & decided to put this day here. Victory (still a cat) is nearby. Sleeping.

It was a terrible Saturday. I feel as if I've been working in the field all day long (ok, I don't know how to work in the field all day long, only my imagination works here). I even watched the movie. Not bad. I had an enormous desire to put my brains somewhere far from this war.

These missile attacks make me feel helpless.

We heard the explosions early in the morning. We - Victory & I; Vlad was sleeping at that moment (till that moment). I had warcoffee & some reading. Victory was looking out the window.

How do they sound? These explosions? Like crazy & very loud fireworks. But we (Ukrainians) know this subtle difference between explosions & fireworks.

There was no air raid alert. It was strange. Ok, five minutes & 4 or 5 or 6 explosions later, the air raid alert began.

I said (or thought, or I don't know):

- Again.

Victory was scared. Me? Got used. I checked how much food she has & we have. Enough for some days (maybe even weeks). Was satisfied. Filled everything with water. Started monitoring the news. When you read 'Kyiv is under missile attack,' your heart is crying with tons of why. No answers. Just the damn war (sorry).

This attack wasn't long (or was it?). An hour and a half.

But in the afternoon, we had another one. More massive, more terrible. With deaths, blood, and damages. What for? What for? No answers again.

It's calm now. Soon we will have another power outage (I lit the candle as I love, got used & wanted it). I will write a nobook (the book that shouldn't have been written) and put some words into the war book-diary I've been writing in Ukrainian since Feb 24. Mom will call, and we'll exchange our regular 'we are fine' words.

Some people in Ukraine won't have the chance to do it. They were killed today by russian missiles. That Mom you probably saw in the video won't pick up her phone & say:

- Hi, Son. How are you?

Her Son is dead.

I've had my warcoffee. Black, without sugar. Can you hug your loved ones right now?

Yara (or Yaroslava)

I couldn't decide what picture I had to put here. And found this one. Probably some bad shot.

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