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Since 2005 I've been writing about real-life style for grown women at Wardrobe Oxygen. I believe every woman is gorgeous and deserves to feel great in her skin and her clothes.

Over the years, many have asked for a way to support Wardrobe Oxygen.  I am very clear with how Wardrobe Oxygen makes money, and I strive to provide the best content possible. For those who do not wish to click on links, who prefer to read via a blog reader or by email, or would like to send a monetary thank you I've created this page. I created and continue to write on Wardrobe Oxygen because I love to write, connect with women across the globe, and help others. I'm thrilled to have turned it into a career; any tips or "coffees" are very appreciated. Much love to all of you!

- Allie

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Thank you ♥ for your blog. Love it! I receive it via email and mention of Doris Kearns Goodwin caught my eye. Glad I clicked in! I clicked on the link to the book and have in in my Amazon cart - hope you get a little bit of that - as my mom would say, "every little bit helps".  Speaking of which - thank you for being a soldier, a voice for change, for sharing and educating - as you stated, "with a public platform, it is my duty to be a voice for change, for revolution, for education.  But I don't have to be a general, I can be a soldier.  I can share the voices of activists making change and work to strengthen my mind and body to fight for them." THANK YOU ♥

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Just keep going Alison!

Pam Jennings
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I so enjoy your Facebook group, and especially your commitment to sustainability, size inclusivity and social justice.  When I remember to check, I enjoy your blog as well.  Love that you have a plus-size COLORFUL capsule wardrobe on the blog.  I think that was what brought me to your page originally.  I would love to see you post about some artsier, small brands, or European brands (I love Gudrun Sjoden), and more brands designed &/or owned by women of color.  Thanks!

Jenn Amols
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Been reading the blog for 10 years now- absolutely love it!

Susan L
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I really enjoy your blog