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A person who wastes his time just to save your time and secure your hackable stuff

Hello! I'm a video game and DIY content creator on YouTube and I make quality content for my viewers. Besides that, I'm also a cybersecurity enthusiast who loves to help to secure the internet for the better.

Lastly, creating and contributing to open source projects mostly on front-end stuff. If you find my projects useful to you please consider supporting me by buying me a coffee to stay active!

Author of Open Source Below

EmilyCSS, ImNayeonCSS, NancyJS, DaisyJS, WiFi Passview, WRN Cleaner, COVID-19 Tracker CLI, WP Disease Tracker  

Contributor of Open Source Below

AnimateCSS [Core Contributor]

If you are looking for a non-toxic community, come on and join today to my own community where you can learn more about tech and stuff. See you inside!

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it's wonderful to see you helping people deal with Facebook's over-zealous blocking of websites. links to my soundcloud page are being blocked on Facebook just as you describe and initial steps have not helped. I would be much obliged for your help.

I love to help as much as I can... thanks for your support!


$15 of $500 goal reached!

For Personal Computer Upgrade