Hey shell heads,

It’s been a whirlwind of events recently. I’m still trying to catch my breath from the excitement of NYCC but I figured I’d share some fun updates and news!

01- Shell Heads Series 2 Pins

The pins are in hand and nearly ready to be listed. Just need to wait on some final packaging to arrive and then I gotta shoot some content for the rollout. Y’all will have first dibs before the general public. We have 6 new pins an introduced an ultra rare last ronin variant into the mix!

02 - Pin Papi Shirts

I just got back a quote for a minimum shirt run of our infamous PIN PAPI shirt! BMAC supporters will be able to get them for $20 while the general public price is $25.

This will probably be a one time run so that I can move on and focus on other products!

Official announcement for preorders will hit the Instagram in the coming weeks.

03 - Pin Pals Podcast

After 18 consecutive episodes to kick off season 3, we’ll be taking a short break through the winter and fall. Y’all have heard me talk about how much work the podcast takes, so I need time to reset that creative drive but more importantly, focus on my family and friends during this upcoming holiday season.

04 - The Secret Club

I’ll be officially announcing some new clubs / buy me a coffee membership tiers towards the end of the year. A pin club, a sticker club and a combo club. Exclusive merch for buy me a coffee supporters only! I want to call it The Secret Shop. I’m really gonna push hard on the marketing, so apologies in advanced if your feeds become drenched in it.

One thing y’all should know is that it’s expensive to make pins. So to make exclusive pins for this club… I’m gonna need a few more members. I haven’t figured out all the logistics, but if I can get around 25-30 to people, I think it would make financial sense to keep it going month to month!

I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, concerns on anything mentioned above.

Thanks for your time and support 🙏🏼 we’ll talk again real soon!

- E