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The Water Prairie Chronicles is the result of the experiences we’ve been through as our children have grown up with different types of disabilities. We’ve lived in several states during the years when they were younger, and we know firsthand how difficult it is to get connected with the resources you need when you’re trying to parent a child with disabilities.

No matter if your child has a medical condition, a physical challenge, or an invisible disability, we want the Water Prairie Chronicles podcast and website to be a resource you can come to for support and encouragement. We are creating video podcasts of interviews with individuals who have grown up with a disability to show parents the possible path their child might follow. These interviews will include information about how the individual accommodated their unique needs during school and advice they want to pass on to parents and children who have similar life challenges.

We’ll also include interviews with organizations and professionals who may be good resources for the families the Water PrairieChronicles is trying to serve.

We’re sharing the information on Water Prairie at no cost to our listeners, so if you like what we’re providing here, Buy Me a Coffee, and help keep us going!

You can also become a member of the Water Prairie Team and Buy Me A Coffee monthly.

Monthly Membership Benefits

Buy Me A Coffee is an opportunity for our listeners to become a part of the mission we’ve set for ourselves. The cost of conducting the interviews, creating videos, and updating the website involves different types of expenses. By helping to support us, you’ll allow us to purchase up to date equipment to make the editing process take less time, to travel to locations for interviews, to use higher quality video streaming platforms for high-quality video and audio recording, and to provide the income needed to support the hours it takes to run Water Prairie as a business.

Monthly supporters are thanked publicly at the end of each video created during the time they are active supporters through a listing of names printed on the video credits.

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