Tonya Wollum’s Wishlist
Riverside FM (1 year subscription)

Subscribing to the Riverside FM studio gives my podcast guests an easier recording experience and provides a higher quality video and audio capture.

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Descript Transcription Software (1 year subscription)

The Descript software allows me to create social media posts, YouTube shorts videos, and gives a much cleaner transcription of each interview for use on YouTube as well as on the website. With this software, I will be able to include a full transcript for the podcast so that deaf and hard of hearing listeners are able to access the same content as others do.

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Canva Graphics Program (1 year subscription)

Canva is an excellent source of graphic design help for creating YouTube thumbnails, social media posts, and editing images used in the podcast videos. The annual membership will allow me to save images at a higher resolution and make the images used in the podcast videos a better quality.

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DaVinci Resolve Studio 18

I am currently using the free version of DaVinci Resolve 18 and would like to purchase the full version. I have found this software is easy to use and has a better export time when saving the edited files. The price listed is for the purchase of the software and not a subscription.

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