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Hey I'm Jo. I'm on a mission to share knowledge & wisdom to help humanity heal, grow, learn & evolve their mind, body & spirit.

I've grown up on the land a majority of my life, feeling much love for our Mother Earth and nature's medicine & alternative healing. Alternative therapies have always played some part in my life from a young age which inspired me to begin to follow my calling and be of service to others by sharing my gifts with the world.

I am specialised in Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Timeline Therapy®, Hypnosis, & Master Coaching, Touch For Health Kinesiology, Reiki, a Doterra & Young/Living Essential Oil Wellness Advocate and I share various intuitive multidimensional gifts to help uplift and heal humanity through vibration & frequency with Light Language & Sound Healing. I love learning, reading & creating.

My strengths lie in mindset coaching, essential oils, energy healing, various forms of writing, music, creativity & spirituality. 

My latest passions have been channelling music, poetry, clay work & writing. As I evolve on my journey I hope to inspire and help others along the way through my blog, channelled wisdom & knowledge I’ve gained over the years from my own toolkit. 

Through sharing my own authentic gifts, knowledge & wisdom I hope that I am able to help one person at a time become the best version of themselves so they can heal, grow, evolve & shift into who they truly are; a beautiful being of light. 

While I grow on my own journey I hope it encourages others that you a never alone. While the road may seem hard at times, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and the answers are always within. Sometimes we need to face the unhealed shadow aspects of ourselves before we can truly embrace our uniqueness and light.  

My mission is to help educate, inspire, uplift, transform & unify humanity to become one again.  

My business name Watt Unifies Me personally signifies to me my mission to help Unify everyone to come together as One so we can embrace who we truly are, dissolve the separation in the world & recognise our true potential as humanity to join together as a collective to raise the vibration of the planet & connect back together.

I hope my writing helps you in some way to be your best version of yourself. 

Thankyou for your support & encouragement on my journey & may these words give you comfort and tools as you embark on your own journey. 

Watt Unifies Me

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