What action steps are you taking today to better your life?

The action steps you make in this present moment to change your life, creates a ripple effect by healing our past traumas, unconscious wounds and beliefs at a core level, opening us up to our full potential to create a better future as we unravel our conditioning & allow ourselves to truly shine in the world.

Its time to ask yourself are you willing to remain stuck, afraid to change and let go of your unconscious patterns OR are you willing to be brave, by facing the fears, and the obstacles standing in your way and truly allow yourself to release everything that is holding you back so you can embrace the freedom to express yourself, be yourself and authentically be the change you want to see in the world.

For us to truly shine and break free, we need to be 100% honest with ourselves. Honest with our emotions, our deepest and darkest thoughts and beliefs and our pain by acknowledging them & bringing everything to the surface to heal and integrate. The more we let go the more we can truly come back to who we really are deep down: authentic, real and connected on a heart and soul level..

Healing is about facing the raw and ugly parts of ourselves, the wounded shadows. Digging deep, expressing and letting it go on a core level to allow ourselves to come back to unity and wholeness integrating both light and shadow within our being..

Our deepest fears are facing our shadow selves. It is also facing our light. What we judge in others, in circumstances in the world, is a reflection, a mirror of unhealed aspects within us. The more we allow ourselves to heal and express, we give others permission to do the same.. Sometimes a single step beyond our fears and comfort zone is what gives us to courage to shine our light and have the freedom to be ourselves as we reclaim our sovereign power..

If your 100% committed to be the change, step up and lead the way and let go of everything that holds you back send me a message for information on my Reset Your Mindset coaching package..