Benefits of Self Love & Emotional Care

by Jo Watt

Emotional care is so important for our self care journey.

The more we nurture ourselves emotionally, the more we can allow ourselves to express and be vulnerable with ourselves and feel ok with our emotions.

Self Love is a massive part of how we can emotionally nurture ourselves. When we can hold space for ourselves when we feel the wide array of emotions, we enable all parts of us to feel seen and heard.

Our emotions are energy in motion, so naturally when we suppress our emotions, they become trapped in our body, which if ignored for a long period of time create “dis-eases” in the body.

There’s an interesting movie I watched called “E-Motions” which talks all about our emotions. It’s worth watching. You can find the link to watch on Gaia here:

Self Love is the ultimate form of Self Care. Why? Because when we can love ourselves completely, we no longer need to fill our cup from external sources or seek validation & love outside of ourselves.

When we can take the love, attention, acceptance, forgiveness, happiness and joy that we give to others and give it to ourselves, we learn to fill our own cup and it then overflows for us to give to others. When we love ourselves we have clear boundaries, we are less co-dependent, we know our worth, we attract the right kind of people into our lives because we are vibrating at a higher level and we are more emotionally stable.

Here are some ways you can Emotionally Care for yourself:

  • Positive Affirmations: Affirmations are a great way to train your mind to go from negative thinking to positive thinking. The way to have lasting results is by learning to break old negative patterns first to then create a new thought pattern. The reason for this is that unconsciously we have limiting negative beliefs running on autopilot and if we consciously attempt to replace it with a positive affirmation, the critical faculty will reject the new affirmation until it is congruent with both the conscious and unconscious mind.

    Affirmations are great to focus on where you want to be if you do them repetitively. Repetition is key with any new way of thinking.

    My suggestion is to listen to affirmations indirectly when you are sleeping as we access different brainwave states during sleep, or find a therapy that focussed on the unconscious mind such as NLP, Hypnotherapy or Theta Healing which can help break the old negative patterns and replace with positive affirmations. One thing I have done in the past was write positive affirmations and stick them on the walls at home. You can record yourself saying positive affirmations and listen to them daily or say them out loud, write them down in a journal or write them on sticky notes.

  • Mirror Work: There is a book by Louise Hay called “Mirror Work – 21 Days to Heal Your Life”. It’s a book worth checking out and talks about Self Love & Mirror Work. Mirror work is a practice where you look at yourself in the mirror and stare into your eyes and tell yourself positive affirmations. So many times I have cried during this process however overtime it’s a beautiful practice that helps with your Self Love journey.

  • Give Yourself A Hug: When you feel sad, give yourself a big hug, remind yourself that you are ok, and its ok to feel these emotions. When we can acknowledge our emotions, we can allow ourselves to let them go.

  • Breathing: So often we hold our breath when we are emotional. When you are experiencing deep emotions, remind yourself to breathe deeply and allow the emotions to come up and let them go. It’s important to be kind to yourself and allow yourself to feel and process the emotions and energies that arise. Movement helps to boost endorphins when we are emotional so go for a walk or dance around the house to some good vibe music to allow yourself to process the emotions.

  • Express your emotions with Creativity: The best advice I’ve ever been given by one of my dear friends is to alchemise your pain with creativity. When we can channel all our emotions into something creative some of our best work is created as we put all that energy into something productive, plus we are bypassing our conscious mind and accessing the intuitive aspects of ourselves. Personally I love to write poetry, channelled messages, play music and get creative with clay. When you are emotional, find something creative to get it out. Its healing and it’s the best way to process your emotions in a healthy way.

  • Get to know your emotional triggers: What triggers you? Whether it is something that someone has said or done, or a situation you have found yourself in, the more we become aware of what sets us off, the more we can recognise patterns and begin to heal.

  • Learn to put yourself first: While this may sound selfish, it’s important for us to emotionally learn to take care of ourselves and develop boundaries with others. When we neglect ourselves, we deny our own soul what it needs and sometimes that damages us more emotionally when we ignore ourselves and put everyone else first. Learn to listen to your own inner voice and do what is best for you. At the end of the day you matter too!

  • Protect your energy from others: Emotionally if we are always around negative people or in situations that drain us and makes us feel unhappy or negative, it will rub off on us. The best thing you can do is surround yourself with people who make you feel good, uplift you and make you feel inspired. Never feel bad for distancing yourself from people who suck the life out of you. Emotionally you can do without all that crap.

  • Essential Oils: One of my most used tools I use for my emotions is essential oils. There is a wide range of oils available (personally I opt for pure therapeutic grade Doterra or Young & Living Oils) that help to boost your mood, help you process emotions and make you feel great. I either roll them onto my body or put them in a diffuser with water. Simple as that. Citrus oils are uplifting, woody or earthy oils are grounding (which helps emotionally) and oils such as Lavender are calming.

  • Grounding: The most important thing to do when we are emotional, is to get grounded because when we are too stuck in our own head we become overly emotional. Over the years, different healers have reminded me to ground when I am emotional as what happens is when we become more anchored to Mother Earth as we shift the negative energies into the Earth, enabling us to get out of our head and we become more connected to the grounding Earth energies. Nature and water are great emotional healers.

    Get your shoes off and get into the dirt or get some grass between your toes! There is also a great movie called “The Earthing Movie” which is a great movie to watch about the benefits of Grounding:

What ways do you like to emotionally care for yourself? Feel free to share in the comments below.


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