Tonight is a Full Moon-Blue Moon as it is the second full moon to enter in sign Libra.. Libra is the sign of balance..

This full moon will bring up all the unresolved issues in relationships that that we didn't release the last Full Moon so prepare for some intensity.

This full moon will confront us with relationships with partners, friends, family, coworkers & others so we can release issues from the past and bring back balance into our future.. it is a time to process your past issues & reset the future for your highest good and inner peace.

Now is the time for us to focus on self care & self love and be kind with ourselves & others as we shed layers and communicate how we feel. If you feel you cannot express in person how u feel write it out or journal..

It is important to be patient and kind to others and speak your truth. Your emotions and sensitivity will be quite high during this period so it's important to stay grounded.

This moon is a great time to release issues, relationship traumas or experiences from the past to do with relationships or people that no longer serves you.

By writing a list of things you wished you could have said to that person, your experiences that caused u pain, the issues you have with that person that u feel you can't say face to face now is the perfect time to let it out and get it out of your head and onto paper. This will help get the feelings and thoughts out. When the moon is at its highest after 9:13pm burn the piece of paper and release it into the Universe to transmute and heal.. this will help u feel empowered & bring back balance.

My full moon rituals always incorporate burning sage in my house to release negative energy & sound bowls to bring in new fresh energy. I also love putting out my crystals in the full moon to cleanse, recharge moon water with quartz or water safe crystals, and sit outside in the full moon to recharge myself, meditate and give thanks for being able to help me release and shift old negative patterns.. what are your full moon rituals?