I'm buzzing! I'm feeling on top of the world after the past 4 weeks throwing myself into my healing therapy business..

All throughout life I worked jobs that weren't in alignment.. I met many amazing ppl along the way and learnt some crucial and important skills however I was never fully satisfied or happy..

After finally letting go and losing my part time job last week I've had to learn to trust, let go & surrender.. while allowing myself to just go with the flow, step out of my comfort zone and fully rely on myself as a coach, healer and entrepreneur it's been so far out of my comfort zone but it's allowed me to start to transform and grow so much as a person.. I've finally found my calling & purpose with life and I'm buzzing! I'm feeling excited about life again..

If your sitting on the fence afraid to jump, afraid to take a step into the unknown my advice is take a chance, take a single step, take a risk and trust in the process.. Sometimes the greatest things in life are on the other side of fear.

While yesterday I was talking about #selflove I've decided to give back to myself for an hour after my last client by allowing myself time to nurture me and love me.. Number #1 rule when your working with others is to maintain and keep your cup full so I'm enjoying some chill time to music & a footspa with some of my fave oils: Frankincense, Yarrow Pom, Peppermint, Lavender, Elevation & Lemongrass

What's been some of your wins and successes this week that's made you smile?