How Creativity Is Great For Self Care

By Jo Watt

Our creativity is our direct connection with our imagination, our inner child & our right brain.

Some of the best advice I’ve ever received from a dear friend, was to create, create, create. Why? Because when we allow ourselves to create, we allow ourselves to alchemise & heal our wounds, and we allow our most pure aspects of ourselves to play and have fun as we allow our imagination to flow and flourish. When we are emotionally struggling, or dealing with pain and emotional/psychological wounds, the best way to channel that energy is through creativity. Think of the best writers, musicians, artists. All their work stems from their own authentic self expression from their own pain and suffering which in turn becomes their medicine to heal. So creativity has an important role in self care.

Humans were born to create. It is in our nature to be innovators, artists, problem solvers, writers, decorators, builders and creators. When we access our right brain, we allow ourselves to be more in tune with our intuition.

In order for us to get back in touch with our inner creator, we must let go of our attachment to an outcome and just allow our masterpiece to form. True joy comes from the creation process, not the end result. When we can tap into our imagination aspects we can truly tap into the joy.

Ways I love to create:

- Poetry & creative writing

- Drawing Sacred Geometry & Mandalas

- Clay Work

- Playing Music

- Painting

- Singing & Free Movement Dancing

What is your favourite ways of creating? Feel free to share in the comments below.


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