Intuitive Movement Exercise

By Jo Watt

Dance allows us to connect with our spirit, instinct & intuition with physical movement.

This is personally one that I really love to do. I love to sit on an exercise ball with my headphones on and just sway, move and really feel the music and movements of my body or I like to just move around the house and just dance to my own rhythm.

When we can allow ourselves to connect fully to ourselves physically and ground our self into our body, we give ourselves love and care on so many levels. I find sometimes when I move intuitively, different emotions come up, and it’s a freeing experience allowing the energy to come up.

Dance allows us the freedom to express ourselves naturally in our physical body and instils self-acceptance and self-expression which are both forms of self care.

So often we feel self conscious about how we dance. Whether we feel out of rhythm with the beat, or whether we feel inadequate against someone else. The beauty of Intuitive movement is that there is no right or wrong. You just move the way your body desires to move, and your allowing your soul to express itself the way it desires to.

To do this exercise simply put your favourite song on, preferably with a tempo that makes you feel energised. Keep playing the song on repeat so that its playing for about 10 minutes. Slowly start clicking your fingers and tapping your feet and moving your body intuitively to your own beat and move in any way that you want. Notice how you feel afterwards mentally, physically and emotionally.

Learning how to connect to your body through movement can help change your mindset and how you feel about yourself simply by allowing yourself to express yourself and have fun!

Try it! It’s a great exercise that allows you to just be yourself and have fun!


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