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Welcome to Part 1 of my Mindset Series where we dive into the topic of "When our beliefs form." My hope is you find answers along the way to help you understand your own mind. 

Bullying is such a prevalent part of our society, that over time we have become so conditioned with each generation repeating cycles of wounded belief systems, programming us from a young age and deeply ingraining us with negative belief systems and trauma. The effects are devastating with high levels of suicide rates due to trauma and conditioning that have kept us chained to negative labels and mentally and emotionally affected us if we haven't had the tools to heal these wounded aspects of ourselves. This has to change and it's time for us to begin to heal these patterns within ourselves and break the chain for future generations.

With research claiming that almost 25% of school students in Australia or an estimated 910,000 children experience bullying at some stage during their time in school; these statistics are alarming with at least 3 in 5 children having experienced some form of bullying at some point in their life.

So let's bring awareness to these topics and start to uncover the truth about how our unconscious mind works and how labels, beliefs and bullying has the potential to affect us if we don't address the problem early on. 

Having personally experienced a great deal of bullying and trauma in my own life from a very young age, I can still remember the deep scars and wounds it inflicted on my own self esteem, confidence and my ability to cope with confronting situations later in life. With the wounded aspects that remained unhealed and strongly etched into my identity for a long time, my own journey began to unravel in my late teens-mid 20s when I hit rock bottom and I was able to begin to gain tools to help heal myself and begin the process of unravelling the conditioning and "labels" placed on me from such an early age. With this process of transforming my own mindset with NLP, it has now led me to have the passion to share these tools and wisdom to help others struggling with their own wounded psyche. Stay tuned in my mindset blog series on how these beliefs are created and how we can understand our mind on a deeper level so we can take our power back to create change in our life.

So let's start with when these beliefs are formed and where they stem from.

In order for you to understand how the unconscious mind works, first you have to understand when these beliefs are created and the process of how we "learn" the labels and beliefs structured in our mind.

It all begins in our imprint stages from ages 0-7 when our brain is at a developmental stage where we remain in an Alpha and Theta brainwave state. It is the same brainwave states we access during meditation or when we are in trance that enables us to easily learn and absorb information into the unconscious mind.

During this imprint stage in our life, we are like a sponge and absorb everything around us in our immediate environment, from our parents, siblings and peers. Think of the analogy "monkey see, monkey do" which describes why as children we tend to imitate those around us by copying and matching behaviour and parroting language patterns from others. When we are in those brain wave states at that stage of our life there are no filters developed yet for us to determine the difference between right and wrong or good and bad.

So, if we were in a physical environment that was abusive, dysfunctional or traumatic, and we witnessed and listened to the belief systems of those we were in immediate contact with on a daily basis and began to notice the language patterns that they communicated to themselves and others; we would begin to adopt these beliefs for ourselves which in turn would become embedded in our unconscious mind easily during this imprint phase because the critical faculty isn't fully formed at this point.

If we were constantly experiencing bullying over a period of time during these crucial years, do you think it would play a big role in our self talk and how we communicate with others?

The reality is, the more we tell our mind something repeatedly over and over, it becomes an unconsciously learned behaviour or well formed belief and it starts to become a strong part of our identity as we create stronger boundaries around the label, making it harder to let go of.

So think of this for a minute. If you had a label placed on you over and over such as "you're stupid, you're stupid, you're just stupid" especially during the imprint stages, this creates internal memories, emotions, associations and belief systems linked to that label and this begins to describe our inner world. Each internal representation we have in our mind gives us a reference point of what causes us pain or what causes us pleasure and joy. These experiences can have a massive effect on how we cope socially later in life and how we mentally and emotionally react to situations in the future. Everything in our mind is data and the processes we go through to create internal memories is quite interesting which I will touch on this topic more in-depth in another blog to explain this process of how we internally process information in our mind.

So awareness is key! Any external environment we are exposed during our imprint stages where we absorb information can come from many different angles and this ultimately shapes us as humans. Our home life, physical environment, location, upbringing, school environment, community, tv programs or movies we choose to watch, the games and computer/video games we play and the people we are surrounded with all plays a crucial part in our mental development. This is why it is so vital as the older generations to be aware of our own thoughts, beliefs and behaviours around younger generations who are always watching and observing us at all times. 

While there are many circumstances out of our control and your experiences may not be your fault, it is your responsibility to heal, and you can by learning tools to un-program these beliefs & become aware of the choices you make.

It is also important to note that what we watch on television as a child and the language and subliminal messages we process during this 0-7 age period, all plays a massive role in what we take in unconsciously. Ever noticed how in all children's movies there is an element of trauma where either a parent dies or there is an element of abandonment or emotional upheaval? I will discuss this topic further in another blog post in this Mindset Series and the effects of technology on the brain from a young age and subliminal programming.

There is also another interesting perspective that we work with in Timeline Therapy® with NLP that also shows us how beliefs and emotions can stem within our psyche from past lives, trauma in the womb or passed down through generations through our DNA and cellular memory. With that being said, the root cause of such beliefs can occur at any stage prior to the age of 7, however other significant events can occur throughout a person's life which is stored in the unconscious mind linking the root cause with other significant emotional events to a gestalt of information. We will touch base more on this topic and how a gestalt works and how we solidify multiple labels in another blog in the Mindset Series.

With awareness of where our beliefs and labels are formed, we come to realise that the imprint stages are the most crucial time in a child's life and this determines how we are shaped as humans later in life. How we behave around the younger generations, and whether we choose to act as a positive role model, is so crucial in a child's healthy mental & emotional development and wellbeing.

So, finalising part 1 in our Mindset Series, we have began by learning how we have created the neurology in our mind and how the programming from this period of our life can give us clues as to why we are the way we are and how our brain formed our belief systems, labels, behaviours, communication and patterns in our life unconsciously during this crucial stage of our life.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Mindset Series coming next week.

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