The Benefits Of Exercise & Movement

By Jo Watt

Movement is so important for our overall health & wellbeing. Our body was never designed to be still yet so many of us sit behind a desk day in day out and don’t make time to exercise regularly. This is one thing that I relate with the most. Our body is often the first thing many of us neglect, because we live stressful busy lives and don’t allow ourselves time to exercise or move our body.

In order for us to care for our body, we need to prioritise gentle movement & exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

Regular exercise & movement helps to:

  • Boost your mood - Whenever we feel stressed or down, going for a walk or doing some form of exercise boosts endorphins which makes us feel happy! Not only do we benefit from these mood boosting chemicals, but we reduce anxiety & depression.

  • Boost Energy - Movement helps us to increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients moving around our body. When we move around, we move the energy around our body and we feel more energised after a workout.

  • Improve our overall health – As soon as we exercise, immediately our immune system boosts itself. By regularly exercising we lower our blood pressure, prevent heart disease, reduce anxiety & depression, combat arthritis, decrease our chances of stroke, heart attack and type 2 diabetes. Why? Because when we move and exercise we are providing more oxygen to our blood, we reduce cortisol (stress hormone) and boost endorphins (happy hormones), we strengthen our muscles, pump more blood around our body and maintain a healthier weight.

  • Maintain & manage weight – Daily movement helps us to burn calories and maintain our weight. When we consume too many calories and don’t burn them off with exercise we become obese & this leads to all sorts of health problems.

  • Increase Self Confidence – When we are connected to our body and moving we feel good about ourselves. When we start moving, our confidence increases and even our sex drive because we feel sexier when we nourish and move our body.

  • Improve Sleep. By exercising first thing of a morning, this helps to improve sleep patterns by helping us fall asleep quicker and longer. Avoid exercise late at night as this can have the opposite effect!

There are so many different forms of exercise and they all have their own unique benefits.Here are some ideas:

  • Walking – its simple, its free and anyone can do it.

  • Dance – there are so many types. I like to do free movements or Zumba!

  • Boxing – Its great for self discipline and getting rid of some anger in a healthy way

  • Swimming/Aqua Aerobics – this is a great non weightbearing exercise if you suffer with injuries or sore joints.

  • Yoga/Tai Chi – This is a beautiful practice that connects you to the breath & energy in the body with gentle movements

  • Cycling – it’s a great exercise to do with the kids.

  • Gym – there are loads of different types of exercise equipment you can find at a gym to suit what works for you.

  • Sports such as soccer, basketball, netball, tennis, football, hockey or golf.

There are so many different ways to exercise and everyone will be different.

I find a lot my muscles ache (because I haven’t moved for a long time), so Doterra Ice Blue Rub is a great blend that’s great for sore muscles that you can buy in a cream or oil and its safe, therapeutic grade natural essential oils that natural and chemical free.

What ways do you like to exercise? Feel free to share your ideas.


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