The Benefits Of Reading

By Jo Watt

Reading is such an important tool to support and exercise our brain.

What we feed our mind is super important. The truth is our unconscious mind loves stories, and when we have relaxed the critical faculty which acts as the gatekeeper between the unconscious and conscious mind, we are easily programmed. When we watch the tv, listen to music, read books that aren't directly about us, we easily absorb information unconsciously. My suggestion when reading, is to fill your mind with books that speak to your soul and interest you.

Reading can help us to:

  • Relieve stress

  • Increases our wisdom & knowledge

  • Expands our vocabulary

  • Improves our memory, focus & concentration

  • Provides entertainment & exercise.

By reading daily, we are able to open ourselves up to others perspectives, ideas and perceptions and this helps us broaden our horizons and to see things from another point of view.

By reading 10 minutes per day from something someone else has written, you create new connections in your mind and this creates new neural pathways and encourages neuroplasticity. Essentially you are giving your mind a workout.

These days there are millions of books, Kindle, audiobooks, Ted Talks and videos on YouTube at your fingertips.

Dive into topics that interest you, make you feel good and inspire you. The more you learn about something you are passionate about, the more you create a bigger database in your mind and develop more knowledge on the topic.

Personally I love to read or listen to:

  • Astrology & Human Design

  • Joe Dispenza

  • Abraham Hicks

  • The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes

  • Shamanism & Earth Medicine Books

  • Self Development/Healing Books

  • NLP & Mindset Topics

  • Essential Oils & Natural Medicine/Therapies

  • Authentic, Raw, Vulnerable Writing & Real Life Stories

  • Spiritual Teachings

What are your favourite books to read or topics to learn about? Feel free to share your books you love to read and listen to.


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