The Fear Of Being Alone

From time to time I find myself fearing being alone, other times I have enjoyed my own company, independence & freedom. At times I've hidden myself in the shadows of others, or flat out been afraid to shine my light publicly at times & expressing my true authentic self afraid of judgement or being "too different".

I saw a quote once and it reminded me that the sun is alone too but it still shines anyway.

How often do we dull our shine, stand in the shadows of others and live small when we were meant to stand out in all our glory!

Just like the stars we find ourselves each uniquely shining brightly in the night sky.

"There is no need to fear being alone for you are never alone dear one. You are simply a puzzle piece of a whole creation that connects us all together. We all have our own unique missions and journeys but the secret to overcoming this fear is to connect back to yourself. When one is whole, connected and in alignment with their truth there is no fear of being alone for you are all you need. There is no desire for attachment, there is no desire for conditional love, there is no need for external validation or approval from others. When you fully step into your truth of who you are and connect back to yourself and fully love yourself you understand that you are all that you need. You are never alone. When feelings of doubt, the desire to compare or deep loneliness overcomes you, connect back to yourself through self love and nurturing, meditation and acts of kindness towards yourself. The journey within is the hardest and most challenging as you start to peel away the layers of conditioning, but once you start healing and reconnecting back to yourself, the journey will bring you back to joy and unconditional love."

Channeled by Jo Watt