The Importance Of Touch

By Jo Watt

Touch is one of the most nourishing things we can do for ourselves. Our body is covered in so many nerve endings that allow us to sense what is around us. There is so many ways we can experience the sensation of touch (not just from another person touching you).

Ways you can experience the sense of touch:

  • You can notice the weight of your body sitting in the chair with the feeling of the chair against your back.

  • You can notice the sunlight warming your skin

  • You can feel the gentle breeze cooling your skin.

  • You can feel the clothes rubbing against your body. What texture is it?

  • You can feel your jewellery hanging from your wrist or neck.

  • Your hair brushing against your face

  • You can feel yourself holding an object

Everything we experience is a kinaesthetic feeling and touch is so important for our health & wellbeing. Essentially we are touching everything around us, so when we stop to take notice of everything we are touching or experiencing we are becoming mindful and more connected to the present moment.

Walking Barefoot is a way to connect to your senses and experience the form of touch through your feet. Walking barefoot helps you walk around the way you naturally were meant to and restore your gaits, increases your body awareness and posture and helps strengthen the important muscle groups in your legs. There is also the added benefits of walking on grass, soil or sand as it allows you to become connected with the earth’s natural electrons to help you “earth and ground” which helps reduce pain, improve sleep, reduce stress, improves your immune system and connects you more strongly back with nature.

The importance of frequent hugging is another super important form of touch as it can help lower blood pressure, boost endorphins, provides stress relief, boosts the immune system, lowers anxiety & depression, decreases fear, boosts self esteem, and is a powerful way for us to communicate feelings of safety, love and connection with each other.

A really powerful tool I learnt last year from Matt Omo was a process called Body Vibing. Basically you focus on your breath and connect to your body, and then you gently run your fingertips all over your body listening to the sensations in your body and becoming aware by observing what emotions come up, what thoughts come up, whether you twitch or feel ticklish or hesitant to touch parts of your body. Its a beautiful process to connect you to your body and get in touch with yourself and really listen to yourself. I highly recommend it as its a process I really enjoy doing.

What ways do you like to experience touch? Feel free to share below.


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