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I'm just an explorer living the Way Out Life. I travel, I read, I observe, and I learn. Sometimes I have ideas and I share them. I make observations on philosophy, politics, and science. I write science fiction. I draw pictures of extraterrestrial plants and animals. I have many interests.

My YouTube channel is

I keep a blog at about travel. I write reports of my visits to parks, reviews of books I read, poetry, and whatever else pops into my head.

I keep another blog at about the biology of alien planets. I review the work of others in the exobiology genre. If you have a book or art project you want featured, drop me a tip.

Are you a creative person? You can join my locals community at I hope to see you there to discuss philosophy, art, writing, travel, science fiction, and cultural evolution with other creators and culture leaders.

Some of my art is available for sale printed on shirts, hats, and mugs at

I also write books, both fiction and non-fiction. My Amazon Author Page is:

Donations help to support my projects while I’m waiting for my books to become best sellers. Funds may go to cover design, ads, better cameras and better microphones, and of course coffee.

Links to all my projects and social media accounts can be found at