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Our YouTube Channel:
We are the WhiteBoard Doctors. We are physicians passionate about providing open access medical education that is easily available to the public! We work to create medical education videos that cover a wide array of topics ranging from basic sciences to complex clinical decision making. We cover a wide breadth of topics and are always growing. We have videos for the general public who may be interested in learning more about a particular disease. We also have videos on complex pathophysiology and clinical decision making that may be most appropriate for healthcare providers or those with a particular interest in a specialized topic. We then have videos for all those in between!
We believe in a "whiteboard" style of teaching where we write things out free-hand as if we were learning together, in-person, on a whiteboard.
Our mission is to provide easily accessible and digestible science education for all those who wish to learn more about science, medicine, and the human condition.
We were encouraged by our YouTube viewers and WBDR community to create a way in which they could get more involved and further support the channel, which is how we found ourselves here!