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I created this web app because I always wondered how it will be to view news from all over the world 🙂. Now the problem was I needed to find a place where I could find news data from all around the world. Luckily there is a provider, who provides data from multiple new web sources, called That's when I thought it would be great to aggregate the news and provide a world map to go through various news around the world.

The project is still under active development, so any feedback positive/negative is highly appreciated. Even though, I don't work on this full time. I try my best to spend some good amount of time on this every week. Please support me to keep this is in active development.

@yatchman bought a coffee.

Hey, I just crossed your site worldbreakingnews. I like it. Hold on good job! 💪

Thank you @yatchman! Appreciate your contribution 🙏😀