Good evening friends,

I wanted to post another update as I’m coming out of a bad pain flare up that lasted three weeks. This was the worst yet, as it was unprovoked (I didn’t attempt to venture out of the house or overwork myself), and it was unrelenting. Thankfully, it seemed to ease up on Sunday, so I’ve been able to rest a little easier the last couple of days. 

The neurologist has placed me on an as needed basis for appointments. Based off the blood work/labs/MRIs, we’ve ruled out a lot of neurological conditions and verified that there’s no nerve compression in my spine. I do have multiple bulging discs in all regions (cervical, thoracic, and lumbar). I also have A LOT of disc degeneration. This does account for some of the pain I’ve been experiencing in my back.

Based off evidence, we are assuming the chronic pain I experience in my flare ups is from small fiber neuropathy, but it still baffles me how I went from having low grade daily pain to having such intense and regular flare ups, and it hit my entire body at once. It didn’t start in a limb or specific region. It was like a switch. I was fine until I wasn’t. The only solution I’m being presented with is more pain pills.

The knowledge that I have at least two active Lyme infections gives me hope that this has progressed so rapidly since I’m being attacked on multiple fronts, and that once the Lyme bacteria is eradicated, things will return to some level of normal. My Lyme doctor is confident it will, but we can’t put a number on how long that will take. Fighting lyme is a long battle. I’m still facing it one day at a time.

I’ve had a lot of lab work and imaging over the last few months, I’ve had to miss a lot of work (I’m a contractor, so I don’t get paid time off), and a lot of medical bills are still rolling in. Donations are still very much needed. Anything and everything helps, especially in the weeks when we are having to make decisions about what’s not going to get paid. If you can donate, please do (either here, on my GoFundMe, or you can send a donation directly to my cashapp $wbwelch). If you can’t, please spread the word with friends or family who may be able and willing to help. There’s still a long road ahead, but I’m thankful for the support I’ve had from family and friends. I wouldn’t have made it this far on my own. Thank you to everyone. I love you all. 

Forever grateful,