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Hey, I'm Whitney, the resident introvert and quiet soul at WB Wellness. 

I’m a yoga practicing, forest wandering, photography loving, slow-living INFP who writes more than she speaks and spends half her time dreaming. 

WB Wellness is a blog dedicated to personal growth, blogging, and slow living for introverts. 

I hope to inspire you to embrace your quiet, love your introversion, and live in alignment with your own energy.  

It’s time to stop feeling flawed as an introvert and instead embrace and love who we authentically are.

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Instagram- @whitneybarkman

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Someone bought a tea.

You're the soothing voice that introverts and quiet souls need!!! xoxo

Ah, thank you for such a kind comment and for buying me a tea!! So much love and appreciation for your support!!

Julia | thegermanintrovert
Julia | thegermanintrovert bought a tea.

You’re doing such an amazing job & I’m so glad for the wonderful space you have created for us introverts! 💜💜

Julia, thank you SO much for your support and this comment! It means the world to me!! ❤️