I’ve always considered myself a reader, but it’s become a much more important part of my life in recent years. Though I always knew I enjoyed curling up with a book, it took a long time to release the guilt that was attached to staying home with a good read instead of hanging out with friends.

Fellow introverts, can you relate? 

When we’re children and throughout our years of schooling and education, reading is encouraged and needed. But as we age, it’s almost expected of us to drop the bookish habits and instead spend our days socializing and engaging with others.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to admit that I caved to the pressure from an extroverted society. Most of my twenties were spent out socializing rather than reading. Anytime I did want to skip the party in favour of an evening reading, I felt this enormous insecurity; often questioning whether something was wrong with me for not wanting to be with people.

And so for many years, I didn’t pick up a book. Which is quite sad to me really, because reading is infinitely supportive of our growth and imagination. Regardless if you’re a personal development junkie or a fictional dreamer, there are adventures and lessons to be explored through the pages of a book.

While fiction is my go-to these days, I will never forget how much a few self-help books changed my mindset and my life.