ZP's back...tell a friend...

Well it looks like posts here will be monthly. I just hope people who are kind and generous enough to drop me coin will think its worth it...

Well, first things first...I have a new member of the team...introducing THE CAMBRIAN! Well, I say new, he's contributed to the blog in the past (reviewing a couple of John Carpenter movies, well worth reading!) but he's going to be more of a regular now. It's great to have him aboard, and I hope you enjoy reading his opinions.

I'm going to be attending a movie shorts festival, which I'm looking forward too. I somehow got listed as accredited press! I'm hoping to talk about some if not all the shirts aired that day, I think it's going to be fun.

I've added some more limited and collectors edition movies to my ever expanding library, which is cool. One of the best I got recently was the Deluxe edition of Stingray on Blu-ray. A stunning set with memorabilia and a separate Blu-ray of the Super Space Theatre movies, which the review will be on my site very soon.

Oh, and new things coming soon (hopefully)...the return of the Zenless Popcast, some video unboxings...and more bad movies for the Quest.

So, you paid something to help the site, Thankyou! What do you want to see on the site? What movies would you like me to review? What formats?

Well, that's enough jibber jabber from me for now, the next post should be sometime next month if not earlier.

Stay safe, stay awesome, stay you my Hoopy Droogs!