Has it really been almost a year since I set this up and I just left it languishing? I mean seriously?

OK, so in that time what's happened...well the World has been turned upside down by a global pandemic, the movie industry has changed (A LOT) and America has a new president. Oh, and ice been reviewing movies.

I got a lot of contacts in that time. Warner Home Entertainment. Lionsgate. Sony. Troma. Arrow. Terracotta. Third Window. Second Sight. Life After. And more. My list of people I've reviewed movies for has grown substantially. Got some interesting interviews along the way too.

Social media has grown too. Recently I created a Discord server to go with my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Vero, YouTube and Twitch stations. I'm hoping to expand more too.

But you, kind person who has donated...what do you want to see? The money here goes straight into the blog again. Do you want me to check out a movie? Soundtrack? Book?

In some ways I want you Hoopy Droogs to help me out. Shape this journey. I want to know how I can make this better. Let me know.

Signing off for now, hoping the next message isn't in 11 months time!