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With tiers starting as low as just $5 a month, our members enjoy the following: 

🐾First dibs and priority when ordering work!

🐾Member exclusive artwork slots!

🐾Monthly Vinyl sickers (when available)

🐾Step by step video and picture tutorials!

🐾Free monthly digital content including but not limited to: patterns, telegram stickers, special projects, coloring pages etc.

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🐾Ability to see, vote on and participate in member exclusive project builds

🐾And More!

Supporting our work gives us long term stability to promote growth within the community and expands the kind of content we can provide for you! It helps my partner and I, make new things and inspiration for people just like you and increases our ability to give back to the community that has so strongly stood behind us every step of the way.

From volunteering in local events and charities with children on our weekends to the amusing and fun shenanigans, online tutorials and general furry chaos documented for all to enjoy, know that you get to be apart of, and support, something as unique and as special as everyone that makes up the community as a whole!