The Daily Business Planner:

Above and below is just one section of our Checklist for success. Yes, you can use the secfion below to put together your own daily checklist that you can print or use however you like. You can add your own options or delete ones I have below.

If you want to download my entire document *10 pages, not 1) you can do so here.
It has many of the steps for a successful day in one downloadable document.

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Or use the information below as you like for this section of the checklist. Just copy it to your word processor and edit it. Then print out the list and use it for your success!

My Daily Tasks For Success

In The Morning:

Review Mission Statement

Plan the day – all tasks, breaks,/etc.

Visualize your successes for today

Read motivational quotes/book

Take care of my body, mind and soul

Get To Work

Review of sales, expenses, profits for yesterday, perhaps month/year

Read e-mail, update plan

Do work specific to your business
(Sell, Train, etc.)


Run Ads (Facebook/Youtube/etc.)

Make Phone Calls

Post On Social Media

   (Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter, etc.) 

Videos (Upload to Youtube/etc.)

Email Newsletters – setup/send new

Give Webinar

Facebook Live Session

Review sales, expenses, goals, revise for next day

Review day/goals, revise for next day

Before You Go To Bed:

Spend time with Family

Review day/goals, revise for next day

Plan the events of day for tomorrow

Plan meals for the day for tomorrow

Set water by the bed for tomorrow

Turn off  electronics  1 hr. before bed

Do 4x4 breathing exercises

Sleep soundly, be ready for new day!

My goal truly is to help you be the best you can be for yourself, your loved ones and all that you may influnece positively.

My best business ideas to you,
John Davin