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Hey 👋 My name is Alex. I'm software developer.

I am the author of Web Activity Time Tracker.

Web Activity Time Tracker - is a Chrome extension that tracks the time you spend online.The app tracks the time and keeps data only in your browser. It helps to control your time. You can set a daily visit limit for sites and block it after the expiration of the limit.

Extension includes: 

  • tracking the time spent in the browser
  • total statistics
  • daily statistics
  • list of websites for which you do not need to track activity
  • restrictions on the time spent online
  • track activity when you watch the video on YouTube

I will upgrade extension and add new features. With your help! I will be very grateful for your little financial help. This is very important for me and proves that my work is useful for you.


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Found this while chatting with a colleague about useful and simple application - well, we found this. So we support this!

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