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Morrison’s election budget misses the point as Liberals expose who he really is, COVID mak

Mar 30, 2022

Van Badham and Ben Davison breakdown the Morrison budget here

This latest instalment of neo-liberal waste and vote buying STILL doesn't address the fundamental issues of insecure work and low wage growth that is dragging down the economy and people's household budgets.

While the average worker has already gone backwards $1,300 over the last 18 months this budget locks in another $1,355 cut to the living standards of the average working Australian. Union member's have been campaigning on the need for more secure work and better pay, you can go to to join them. 

There's plenty of pork being slushed around with 123 of the 144 projects announced in the budget not stacking up to the standards set by Infrastructure Australia and $600M going into more gas projects.

While the media focuses on the one off cash handouts and temporary petrol tax cut (that might be eaten up by oil price rises anyway) this waste and vote buying is being paid for with cuts to schools, universities, the arts, public sector workers, climate change prevention and $3 BILLION in cuts "decided but not announced".

These sneaky cuts have been exposed at the same time that soon to be former Liberal Senator from NSW Concetta Fierravanti-Wells has opened the lid on Morrison's take over of the NSW Liberal Party saying "There is a putrid stench of corruption emanating from the New South Wales division of the Liberal Party", claiming Morrison is "a bully with no moral compass" and that party members "don't like Morrison and they don't trust him". 

These claims follow on from Barnaby Joyce calling Morrison a "hypocrite and a liar", Gladys Berejiklian calling him a "horrible, horrible person" and another minister calling him "a fraud and a complete psycho". With the holes in his budget becoming apparent and his own leadership called into question it is clear why Morrison has canceled his appearance on ABC 7:30....

Our supporters can catch what the NSW Liberal Senator had to say about her own Party Leader, Morrison, in this tweet from Van:

Van and Ben talk about how the COVID booster program is becoming another "strollout", with the time to reach 90% boosted getting pushed later and later into the year. This mismanagement is happening just as floods once again consume Lismore and northern NSW, making it harder to rollout boosters, and COVID cases rise, hospitalisations increase and more Australian's are tragically dying.

But there is good news about wind turbines!

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