Today in the market people love to buy the electric scooters because of numerous different features such as prices, shapes & performance. So, in this article we are going to discuss the different features of the electric scooter that is designed by Inokim Quick 4. This is a very excellent motor & this is not only cheap but also helps to replace your conventional means of transport. Let’s keep reading on the best features of this electric scooter. 

The electric scooter that is designed by the inokim quick 4 has the high end electric scooter. This has a big & visible front suspension along with ergonomic hand grips. This has been made with the red & grey color that is quite unique in the market dominates & these features make it very unique along with the foldable design. Moreover, the unique features make this very stable on the road. 


The INOKIM electric scooter features a straight handlebar with big, rubber & ergonomic hand grips. It has two brake levers that operate the front and rear drum brakes and a wide display that is large & clear. The accelerator takes place on the right side & this is a small level which you can release along with the help of the thumb. 


The tyre comes with the 25.4 inner tyre tubes. The strong tyre provides excellent grip on the road. With all the pneumatic tyres & they need some maintenance you have to check out the pressure of the tyre every time. 

 If you don’t check out the pressure of the tyre then it can cause the puncture of the electric scooter on the road anytime. 


This motor scooter is equipped with the excellent light which is also called an excellent set of the lights which are supposed to work with the headlights. The red light along with big rear fender which is automatically turns on which you can adjust throughout the display of the turning the lights at any level of the brightness. 


The electric scooter is also equipped with the shortest desk. Due to the very short desk the speed of the electric scooter is very comfortable & amazing due to the small deck. Moreover, due to the deck there are a couple of strong strips which provide adherence for the feet as well as its features are very small & resistant to handle you can carry this electric scooter with the folded as well as upright. 


This feature of the electric scooter is very amazing because of the dual drum of the brakes. This provides amazing braking along the distance of 3.6 meters. Moreover, the brakes are very comfortably operated along with the brake level on the handlebars. You can bring the e-scooter to the brake without skidding. 

 Wrapping up 

 In short, due to numerous above features they are very amazing to drive & very affordable to buy. You can easily buy this by reading this article.