First Impressions

Among the trends of these days in social media, pressure washing and soft washing videos have a separate fan following of their own. Now the reason behind this may be due to the fact that it is absolutely satisfying to watch the dirt slowly getting removed in a methodical order and watching the clean walls behind them coming into view, looking as fresh as brand new. But then again this does not discount the benefits of getting the exteriors, walls and claddings being cleaned on the regular. Homeowners and especially business owners are in need of pressure washing as well as Soft Washing Services, because there is no denying the fact that a beautiful exterior is absolutely important, especially for businesses. 

It is true for commercial buildings especially that first impressions are the most important, as it implies a lot of things about not only the credibility but also the management of the business. A good and clean exterior shows that a business cares about every aspect of the business. Furthermore when a customer looks at the clean well presented building it shows that the business cares enough about the customer hence wanting to present an appealing front. A company providing Soft Washing Services will be tremendously helpful in this regard.

Soft Washing versus Pressure washing: The Pros and Cons

Before getting into the details regarding the advantages and the disadvantages within the two types, it is worth it to take a few moments to understand how they work as well as the differences between the two. To begin with pressure washing, sometimes even called power washing is typically the spraying of water with extreme high pressure. To expand upon it, each minute of pressure washing sprays multiple liters or gallons of water. The pressure may even be high enough that it may cause injury if directed against an individual. Soft washing on the other hand of course uses low pressure, and instead uses soaps and other solutions and even surfactants in order to accomplish the cleaning process. Typically different equipment is used for each cleaning process but sometimes the pressure washer can, with a few changes, be used as a soft washer.

Now moving onto the pros and cons, as popular as pressure washing has been, Soft Washing Services are taking over nowadays due to the added benefits of soft washing. Beginning from the risk of damaging the surface that is being cleaned- out of the two Soft Washing as definitely safer, the reason being that soft washing uses chemicals, soaps or surfactants to clean the dirt, algae or moss and due to these chemicals and soaps the imperfections be it bacteria or moss or algae or even just dirt gets removed thoroughly. This means that it takes a long time upto to 3 years for the build up to return. This also makes it more cost effective as the clean up need not be done as often. 

Power washing on the other hand uses high pressure to clean the surfaces and to add to that the dirt usually returns within a year therefore needing to be washed more often. Such exposure to pressure often results in causing damage to the surface itself.

The above mentioned are just a few reasons for the growing popularity of Soft Washing Services.