There are different methods of tyre puncture repair, with other supplementary products to allow some of these repairs. By distant, the three of most obvious car tyre puncture repair methods are

  • An exterior repair is done through tyre string.

  • An inner tyre puncture repair using the patch

  • An internal repair using the amalgamation of plug and repair patch

Furthermore, only the tyre repair using the blend of tyre repair patch and the plug has also been known as combine repair. It has been regarded as an industry's excellent practice, as this is the only single to seal the tyre throughout the damaged central region. As for the perfect repair process, one has been recognized by British institution standards. This kind of car tyre puncture repair is called BS AU 159, and it has been set out the requirement for repairs to tyres for automobiles utilized on public highways. 

Car tyre puncture repair process as per British standards 

It has been explained through steps which are stated below: 

Step 1: 

Eliminate the tyre from the wheel and have tyre professionals thoroughly examine it from the outer and inner sides. It has also been said that if any damage to tyres is obtained, then the repair must not be consistent.

Step 2: 

Trace and mark the impairment while taking out any external object that still puncture the tyre 

Step 3: 

Make the puncture channel form the inner side of the tyre utilizing a 6mm carbide cutter.

Step 4: 

Repeat the procedure, now from the outer side of the tyre, and make sure that the channel realizes the confrontation free on the mill cutter once completed.

Step 5: 

It is rapidly cleaning the 10mm to 20mm region more significant than the repair patch utilizing the proper pre-buff cleaner and repair scraper. Also, ensure to remove all scums, likewise mold releasing agents. 

Step 6:

Stand firm on the fix in the situation and imprint its diagram on the inward liner.

Step 7:

Buff, the inward liner to generally 5mm past the checked region utilizing a suitable domed polishing scratch. Ensure that any raised ribs are left level after polishing, leaving a softened cowhide finish.

Step 8: 

Eliminate dust and extra material, including wire particles, polished elastic, and lightened lines.

Step 9:

Apply an expert vulcanizing gas pedal answer for the cut channel and polished region.

Step 10: 

Embed the blend tire fix and attachment into the cut channel.

Step 11:

Jerk the mixture car tire puncture repair patch and plug it to the outer side until the whole patch is level with the inner side of the tire. 

Step 12

Trundle the converse of the patch utilizing a rigid tyre stitched. As well as trundle from the middle of the patch from the outer side to eliminate any air bubbles, ensure the overall patch has a dense connection with the varnished inner line.  

Step 13: 

Cut the stalk of the mixture tyre puncture repair patch and plug flat with the residual tramp of the tyre, after the first mounting the tyre back onto the tyre and re-filling to the accurate pressure.