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6 Tips for Your Vision Board(s)

Jan 13, 2022

I love doing activities that helps bring clarity and confidence but vision boards... well they can be a bit overwhelming. In the world of unlimited possibility, how do you narrow down your dreams to whatever you find in old magazines? This process can turn from cute creation to pinterest fail. Pause and breathe! Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the vision board process.

  1. Download the Do More of What You Love Workbook.

I find this step very helpful because I tend to get a swarm of creative ideas. The workbook helps you sort out your thoughts, bottom line the common themes, and find ways to do more of what you love.

  1. Don't limit your creative energy

    You are creating something that represents YOUR vision. If you want to choose different textures to represent your goals, do it! You can draw, write, craft, or go the traditional route with glue and magazine clippings. The important part is for you to stay connected to what feels authentic to you.

  2. Write a letter to your future self

    A vision board can be for short-term or long term goals. What do you want to say to your future self? Send yourself encouragement and connect with what you desire.

  3. Create multiple vision boards You can revisit, revive, or completely start over with your vision board. I recommend doing a vision board at least twice a year. I like to create vision boards for specific goals. For example, the image below is a mood board that I created for how I want my services to make people feel. You can print them out, draw it, or get glue and paper.

  4. Connect with the vibe How do you want to feel? Make a playlist that matches the mood and listen to it! Add something to your routine that makes you connect with what you want to feel. For example, I want to feel confident and at ease when I create so I got a crown to wear. It really helps me tap in and connect with those feelings!

  5. Book a clarity and confidence brain bloom

    If you feel overwhelmed or if you want space for connection and accountability, I am here for you. I have limited availability because of mom duties, but we can figure it out. We can journal, meditate, and even do yoga if that will help.

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