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#WeLoveWoodGreen started out in 2020. In the dawn of the global public health crises, North London celebrated multi-culture and multi-disciplinary community art as part of a collective anthropological fieldwork program. Since then- we have united our collaborators to produce a 'WeLove:Collective' blogging platform and podcast. This allows both facilitators and participants to stay connected with each other, to continue to promote their work within an archive and to evolve independently, in light of imposed quarantine restrictions and the Covid-19 Crises.

To maintain the upkeep of our unfolding projects (currently dependent on voluntary community performance and art lover's spare time), we set up this page. We dream that we can begin generating revenue in order to validate the artists we are collectively curating... particularly in a time when our current UK government is making cuts to the arts and educational care settings.

To help us get there we would like to be able to fund people to:

- Design a logo
- Assist us in developing the blog
- Contribute to the development of the podcast
- And so much more!

The aim of the work and material we put out, broadcast and cohost, aims to:

- ensure communities and people from walks of life can connect to creative practices,
-enjoy and learn from a variety of equally accessible creative resources available within London and beyond.
-Connect disenfranchised community artists through a celebration of culture and art in order to share trauma in a lighthearted and creative setting

We hope you enjoyed our first podcast! We are striving to deliver many more uplifting archives in the future. Not just for Wood Green, but across London and beyond.

We dream of finding our own solutions- From the grass-roots level, up!