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Hello, I created the Website We Love Madeira, the Instagram and the Facebook accounts We Love Madeira Island with the purpose of helping all the visitors to find the best places to visit while being on our beautiful island. We understand that everyone has a busy schedule and sometimes is difficult to find time to research things to do for your holidays. That is why we are creating Itineraries where you can find the best places to visit and adding all the Hidden gems for you to not miss anything. The Island has so much to offer and we literally just started now working on the website, every week you should find more new content. Please stay tuned.

I will be providing and updating information weekly on the website as much as I can. If you love the content, we kindly ask you to support our website and social media pages by buying us a coffee. 🙏😊🧡🧡

Each contribution will help us maintain the website and all the social media pages.

Thank you so much for your generous donations.

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