Number 10

Return of The Bachelor.

Bachelor Ma Hyun, after being missing for 10 years, he returned to society as a powerful master! While being a teacher, he’s also trying to purge the evil organization named Heukcheonbyeol. And thus, his life as Joongwon’s strongest teacher unfolds now

This Manhwa is pretty good if you love Manhwa with Overpowered protagonist From The start. It's Has good story and overall world building and plot are excellent. Slide character are written well. Main character personality is very likeable. You should definitely check this out.

Number 9

High and Mighty.

At first few chapter you will find it's boring but if you Read more chapter of it you will get surprised. At first it seems like the main character is a idiot for running away from his home but later on when it reveals that his house was full of people wanting him dead, then you will understand why he left his home. Mc is quick at learning and reading the situation he is in. He is a little bit simp. The best part about this manhwa is the murim world building and art which are executed pretty well.

You should definitely check this out.

Number 8

The Return of the Sect Leader.

The Demonic Sect Leader Tang Ke, who lived in seclusion on the streets ever since his martial arts went astray, returned after his son went missing. This time, from someone who failed the Imperial Exams and sold pxxn as a living, once forgotten by others for many years, shall slowly return to being the demon king that was once feared by everyone! Tell those who respected me, feared me, dreaded me, that the Sect leader is back.

This Manhwa is good but confusing sometime. Overall world building and plot are average. Main character personality is very likeable. You will find action scenes here and there but doesn't focus on comedy, so, you might find it's boring at first but later it picks up the pace a become more better.

Number 7

The Scholar Warrior.

Cheon Muji-chee, the only son of the Hebei thousand swords family and the grandson of King Kwon. Cheon Seong, the lazy young master of the heavenly swordsman. He wants to become an imperial scholar, but the world pushes him to the top.

Main character is a genius in martial arts which is rarely born after thousand of years. He is the only son of his martial arts family which is well renouned in all of murim. This is actually pretty good the art the story the overall world building everytging is well synchronised. The Manhwa get better and better with every chapter. So, if you are searching for Manhwa with Murim martial arts this One is for you.

Number 6

Tale of the Floating Sages.

Sangun, the tiger lord of Baek Mountain, was living a peaceful life until a young, white-haired girl named Choa visits his cave, claiming to be his bride. Sangun immediately realizes that Choa is a descendant of the White-blooded Demon Beast, a dangerous creature feared by all spirits and beasts. He tries to send her away for fear of the dangers she will bring, but changes his mind upon discovering that she has nowhere to go. Unfortunately for him, this marks the beginning of his hardships...

This is one of the few unique Manhwa out there. The art and story is literally lit. YOU will get hooked from chapter 1, overall world building and plot are excellent and side characters are written well. You should definitely check this out.

Number 5

Storm Inn.

The Crimson Demon of the Battlefield, Jang Kirin. He spent his days in blood splattering war in the North for the last 13 years. “Live a normal life.” Those were the last words the general left me. “The best way to live normally is to be an innkeeper!” The youngest of my unit gave me this advice. I came all the way to Hangzhou believing his advice. But why is living a ‘normal life’ so much harder than fighting in a war?

The art is Good and overall World building and plot are well done. Main character personality is likeable. Side characters are written well. Main character is Overpower From The start, but running a restaurant requires more brains then battle experience. I really love the main character and the staff he recruits are all heart warming people. This is a must try even for hardcore murim fans.

Number 4

Champion’s Path to Murim.

A living legend in the realm of mixed martial arts, the Champion, Kim Sanghyuk, was somehow reborn in the Murim world as the youngest son of Keum Hojang! “This time, I’ll forge a new legend in the Murim!” Against the backdrop of martial artists and untrained fighters scattered around Murim comes an oddity trained in Boxing, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Jujitsu, Capoeira, Judo, and a variety of modern martial arts, ready to shake up the Murim!

So basically main character used Morden world fighting style in Murim world.

He is fighting manic who loves fighting and side characters are written well. Art is decent and it's get lot better in fight scene. So if you love Manhwa with lots of fight scene this One is for you

Number 3

Fight Class 3.

In an imaginary world where Korea is one of the world's leading nations in martial arts, its government encourages high schools to set up martial art classes to develop talented martial artists. As the government provides with numerous benefits to the students of these classes, almost all teenagers dream of being selected for the special classes. Among the martial arts classes all over the country, Nam-il High School's Fight Class 3 is the most famous.

The manga is good and overall world building and plot are good. Later on its take dark turn and Main character get character development, still the story is very intriguing and makes you curious about the future developments