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      Hello Everyone, some of you already know us, But for those who don’t my name is Ervajay and my Fiancé Walter have been working together, putting our minds together to create content. We are really creative people and we live for art and entertainment. Whether it’s from choreography, music, modeling, art, or fashion we do it all, we also plan on investing in a performing arts school as everything comes together. 

       We want to continue to create content for everyone and progress in the quality of our work, remaining independent. It is very challenging and expensive to do this on our own. We are starting from scratch to build a foundation to our company, so if you love our content and want to see us grow, please feel free to buy us some coffee. Also we have memberships available for anyone who’s interested, and we will be giving our members exclusive content as well as special giveaways made by yours truly! WE are so excited! We wouldn’t be anything without you all so thank you!