Buy Wendy Kelly a mortage payment.


Hey 👋 Recently our family was dealt a hand in the card game of life that really hit us hard. We've all had our struggles during the pandemic, but ours felt intense — our youngest is recovering from bipolar 1 (a very, very serious mental illness).

As I leaned into my faith to carry me through, I felt deeply that I wanted to be able to articulate why this is so important to me in a way that felt kind, generous, and helpful.

If you would like to support my efforts as I help my family grapple with some pretty serious mental health issues — thank you!

Any donations are gratefully received and will be used to help us as I relocate (again!) to Kelowna while our teenager is in hospital being treated for bipolar1.  They are making a truly heroic effort to get help and are taking any and all forms of therapy offered.

Bipolar1 is a very serious diagnosis that has a great prognosis — but that takes some serious time, effort, and, yes, money.

Our family is committed to seeing this through to a successful end and we are graciously asking for any support you feel you can offer us during this difficult time.

I am the main support/care person for them but our whole family has been deeply affected.

I have (cheekily) asked for a "mortgage payment" in lieu of coffee or beer in order to highlight the seriousness of this effort. I have also chosen to try to create something that will give back to the community and raise awareness both for this importance of faith and mental wellbeing (and openness when mental wellbeing is not the case). Thank you!

You can keep up with my writing at Explicit Christian and Underbelly — I am committed to writing daily about faith and mental health.