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Zabbix HELM Chart

Aug 20, 2020

For my work somewhere soon in the near future I need to able to deploy a Zabbix Server to an Kubernetes Cluster. But there isn't much out there, I found 2 which I both did not like that much. So, then I remembered that I was in this state before.

Puppet: With my previous employer I had the same. I was looking for a Puppet Module to install and maintain a Zabbix environment. I could not find one that suited my needs or took to much time to change it, so I started my own Puppet Module. "wdijkerman/puppet" was born and after a year it was the most downloaded Puppet Module for Zabbix. Now it is moved to the Voxpupuli team, because I am not working anymore with Puppet and the Module needs to be maintained.

Ansible: When I switched jobs and needed to start learning Ansible, there wasn't much out there for Zabbix. So I created 5 Ansible Roles for Zabbix (Agent, Server, Proxy, Web, Javagateway) and after a year (or two) they where the most downloaded Ansible Roles for Zabbix. Even the Zabbix Agent was in the top 15 of most downloaded Ansible Roles total. With Ansible going to "Collections", my Ansible Roles are now transferred to the Official Zabbix Community Collection. I am one of the maintainers of this Official Zabbix Community Collection.

So, why not start a HELM Chart for Zabbix. Who knows, maybe this one will be successful as well?

It is still Work in Progress, but it can be found here: https://github.com/dj-wasabi/helm-zabbix

Just let me know if this is something that can work for you, or where you see some improvements!

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