Two weeks to the end of this block. The objective was to increase time on my feet 🦶 and mileage as a consequence. I would say that things have worked out quite well. I also wanted to get over a few aches that I had at the beginning of this year, in particular with my Achilles.

Given the end of this block and the VO2max 🚀 block approaching, I have introduced one high intensity workout. That was really intense, I was surprised though by the pace I could keep. I think it was a good signal that my fitness is where it should be. I have also slept more these past few days by going to bed quite early. For sure, waking up refreshed was very helpful.

The increase of time on feet i.e. longer weekend runs also requires an adjustment in my nutrition. So after discussing this with my doctor, we decided to increase my carbohydrate intake adding rice or pasta three or four times a week on the days with harder or longer efforts.

This is my update for the week, a few things are happening and these are longer runs, more intensity and adjustments to my fuel intake. Stay tuned because the best is yet to come!

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