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I've noticed increased interest in wanting to help support and fund the features we currently have in the ViP Community, so I felt this would be a good route to allow those to do so. Currently our ViP bot and other premium additions to other bots we have is being mainly funded by myself so I'd like to open up the ability for others to support and fund these awesome things if they so choose.

If you'd like your donation to be towards a specific thing, such as a future party or maybe a Nitro Subscription, let me know in the comments when you submit.

So, if you'd like to help out throw me a coffee, and thanks for the support!

LaDonna Wyatt
LaDonna Wyatt bought 5 coffees.

You're so AWESOME and AMAZING!! Thank you for all that you do for ViP <3

Aww NO U <3 thanks!

Dave Clarke
Dave Clarke bought 3 coffees.