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Your integration test tutorial was not directly helpful for me (I have a problem with "fake-configure" and implement various tests after including Autofac for DI) but your effort to explain and exemplify the topic is definitively worth coffee at least. Thank you!

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I don't use twitter much, I have been looking around everywhere (pluralsight included) and didn't get anything nearly as concise and useful as your material on integration testing with ASP.NET core 3.1. Giving you max coffee. I was stuck with how to swap dependencies and extending the WebApplicationFactory and you solved it!

Thank you very much for the generous max coffees! Glad my posts were helpful! :-)

Thanks for response! I just wanted to point out that after reading your post I still had the challenge of trying to override appsettings.json for integration tests. The reason why I want to do this is to avoid using in-memory database, and use Respawn package (check it out if you haven't already!).  I read some other blog posts ( on this, and now I have it working with integration test project having it's own appsettings.json that is used instead of production/dev appsettings.json in the webapp project. If you were ever thinking part 6 on your series, I recommend!  Anyway thanks again and have a nice day :)