I run, I kick, I tear, I howl this savage beast inside me forced to lay dormant

It balks at the so called civilized nature of my being. Hating it, loathing this contained existence.

In our bleak dry buildings we cower away from our true nature we cage that which should not.

Boxes within boxes. Sit in your grey box, stare at your grey box, buried in your grey box.

Never enough, never enough, enforced plans and rules on all we are consumed by our self loathing

Scream now scream against the dark truth of humanity

Rejectors of nature, rejectors of themselves.

Take this pill take that pill stay within your box

No more to run, no more to kick, no more to tear, no more to howl.

Quiet now, quiet now, sit in your box, don't let the beast emerge from within.



Life in name only.