Jun 07, 2022

Soul Wizard: Awakening Chapter 1 preview

Chapter OneDecember 16, 2006All around us the crackling shrieks of the Nimerigar filled the cavern. Their evil laughter and display of magic might not have scared the old man, but it was certainly working on me. The darkness of the horrific entity the Nimerigar had been worshiping closed in around the old cowboy. As they surrounded him there was a flash of blinding silver light, and the darkness fell back howling. The jeers of the little misshapen creatures were a mix of panic and... more

May 08, 2022

The Story of a Thousand Faces.

I'm not okay. I am frustrated and angry and feel my work is not being fruitful. I am tired, tired beyond what I can explain. It's not a tiredness I know how to fight. There's no enemy to fight, no one to strike out at and win points against. Normally I can be angry at myself even, to find a way to punish myself into a rage to strive forward and keep wading through the growing cesspool of bullshit that piles up from all sides on every level. There is something wrong with our... more

Apr 19, 2022

The Ultimate Writer's Guide to Twitter

Let's talk about online etiquette, specifically Twitter etiquette. Now you're thinking "Damn it Wesley you keep milking this concept, we got it the first three times." First, off you should trust me a bit more than that. This is the previous 3 posts combined into 1 ultimate post. That way you can slap one link to someone who is annoying you on twitter on how to behave better, rather than posting 3 different links. Also this will let me edit and modify this single post to... more

Mar 31, 2022

Why April 1st is not funny for me.

Reposting part of an earlier post because I don't have the will to write it again because my feelings haven't changed. This might be extremely difficult to read and triggering so if you want to back out now, do so, I understand, I didn't want to write it, I don't expect you to read it.3 years ago, in 2019, before the pandemic and all the other bullshit, I already had had the worst year of my life. my partner was pregnant. We were at 20 weeks, and things were going great, the... more

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Mar 24, 2022

The story of Tamidora: Bladesinger

This is the background story for my bladesinger that I'm going to be playing in an upcoming campaign of D&D 5e.80 years ago the great Orcish Warchief Tharrock, Butcher of A Thousand Forest, Slayer of Man, Destroyer of Tanova led an orcish horde across the known world, pillaging and conquering. His quest for supremacy over all left many nations of the world trembling at the thought of his horde approach. His lust for war and his victories lead him to assault the woodland realm of... more

Feb 23, 2022

How I world build

World building is the foundation of epic fantasy. Since I mostly deal in epic fantasy and sci-fi worlds and since I assume some of you care about my writing, I thought I'd share a bit of how I go about my world development. Now often times I don't plan things out or write it all down in a wiki or bible, so this might come off as a bit abstract, but since that's part of how I do it, that's how this is going to be written out. Contrary to how some people might, I don't... more

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