The Torch

Long ago I picked up and carried a torchIt burnt bright, hot. Fueled from within.Over the years the flame flickeredSometimes dimming sometimes flaringWarmth and hope it brought pleasing manyThey insisted I carry it. Bound it to my being.The burden grew heavy, the flame went out.Still beholdendd to this torch, cold and charred.Unable to be free take heed:Careful of the commitments you make out of need.

Jan 15

Grey Boxes

I run, I kick, I tear, I howl this savage beast inside me forced to lay dormantIt balks at the so called civilized nature of my being. Hating it, loathing this contained existence. In our bleak dry buildings we cower away from our true nature we cage that which should not.Boxes within boxes. Sit in your grey box, stare at your grey box, buried in your grey box. Never enough, never enough, enforced plans and rules on all we are consumed by our self loathingScream now scream against the dark... more

Jan 14

A Writer's Guild to Twitter Part 3

Here is my ongoing guide to Twitter, it's usage, interactions, and overall observations as I learn more about this platform from the perspective of a writer. These are mainly aimed at the writing community but I think there's stuff in here that can benefit anyone. You can find Parts 1 and Parts 2 by clicking on those links to read my earlier observations, especially with important things like what not to do with DMs.Alright let's break it down.#1: Using Twitter to get the most... more

Dec 22

Wellness Check American Thanskgiving

It's American Thanksgiving today. Across the United States people gather with their families, stuff their faces with food, and try to avoid politics before passing out watching American football. Variations may apply.But because I'm a history nerd and because you're here to get something besides Uncle Bub's latest QAnon conspiracy bullshit let's talk about American Thanksgiving.Thanksgiving is rooted in festivals dating back to England in the 1500s with the reform... more

Nov 25

Rage Check 11/19/2021

It's not even really rage right now but we're finishing off rage week here so the title stays.Honestly this has all been about me being at my lowest point in awhile when it comes to figuring out my future. I'm mad about all these things because the world seems to be hellbent on being the worst possible version of itself. I do wellness checks because I keep thinking if maybe enough people can feel good about themselves they'll be nicer to each other and the world will stop... more

Nov 19

Rage Check 11/18/2021

Fuck okay let's talk about the justice system.You know what our god damn legal system is a load of fucking shit in a system that is designed to protect shitty radical white males and kick the fucking shit out of everyone else.First off: Fuck that Rittenhouse kid, little shit shouldn't have been anywhere near that god damn town that night, I don't care if his dad lived in that city, I don't care that he thinks he was protecting a community. That's why we're suppose... more

Nov 18

The Darkness Dwells Within
A Writer's Guide to Twitter Part 2
Wellness Check 8/9/2021
Wellness Check 6/18/2021
Wellness Check 7/3/2021