Tuesdays are always worse than Monday. You're in the middle of it now, there's no weekend coming soon, and any previous weekend excitement is gone. All that you have is a day of work followed by 3 more days of work. Any dreams of actually being useful and productive this week are gone, the fire has gone out and you're just on autopilot wondering where your life went wrong.

You're life hasn't gone wrong, you're not broken. You're a flawed human being in a broken world trying to survive. That's okay, you don't have to make everyday amazing, sometimes you just have to get through it.

Because even with your flaws you're beautiful, you're special and you do deserve more than what the fates have handed us. But there's nobody who is going to change that, there's no Superman, no mystical destiny or power that's going to be handed to you. There's no Doctor who is going to sweep you away and show you wondrous sights.

But you can do that. You can choose to still follow your dreams and do what you wanted to. It won't happen today, it won't happen tomorrow. It might take ten years, it might take twenty, but you can start taking steps towards your dream today but setting aside sometime from your life and working towards that goal. Make a plan, figure out the small steps you can take towards the larger goals that will leave to the ultimate goal. So start now, set aside even twenty minutes and just image how you could get there. Then start doing it every day until you make it.

I can't wait to see what you do.

Stay hydrated, keep dreaming.