Recently it's come up, again, that a certain famous comedian identifies himself as a TERF. Given the on going issues with a certain famous author, the constant harassment I see of my trans friends and family, the dismissal of validity of my bi siblings, the disgusting things that are said to the amazing pansexual friends I've met, and the absolute mockery of ace people, I feel a desire to point out a few thoughts.

One: you are not required to be sexually or romantically involved with anyone you don't want to be, the existence of LGBTQAI+ folks does not mean you have to date them. Therefore their romantic and sexual choices are none of your business just like your choices are none of ours.

Two: denying equal treatment and rights is denying human being rights. By trying to prevent equal rights to others based on gender, orientation, whatever, you are actively aiding against the rights of humans to exist. Think about what kind of company that puts you in.

Three: Choosing to side against the rights of others is not an argument, it's not a philosophical disagreement, it's not fight you can win. You've already lost. It's a simple equation: people are born. There aren't suddenly gay people, or trans people, or whatever. There have always been those people. Thought out history there are stories and accounts of people engaging in homosexual relationships, or have chosen to live as one gender or another. They aren't going anywhere. They are born, they grow up, and some of them are able to live how they want. The thing is they aren't going to stop being born. You can't stop it, it's part of our core genetic make up. Unless you were to stop all human birth. This isn't something you can argue out of, they will always be here, just as they've always been here.

Fourth: you don't have to participate, but you shouldn't hinder either. Open your mind, accept love into your heart, find acceptance, and don't give your time and money to people and places who still speak and fund hatred.

As you know if you are a frequent reader of my posts you know that community is something I believe in. It is through our communal bonds and empathy that humans survive and grow. Expanding your community to others, to be loving and accepting is our greatest strength. Causing rifts and divides between people is when we fail.

Stay hydrated, keep dreaming.