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Wellness Check 6/13

Jun 13, 2021

It's Sunday, you're taking time to meditate and you're going outside for a little. You're staying hydrated with lots of water. But when was the last time you played?

Actual play, no screens involved, no complex board game rules, no hang ups about following a set of instructions. Play like when you were a kid. I bet it has been awhile. In fact I'm betting decades. It's a shame. One day you have action figures of Batman and Captain Picard launching a rescue mission to save your sister's Barbies who have been kidnapped by the yellow lego people, but first they need to recruit the Playmobile knights to battle their way past the dinosaurs... and the next day you're a moody emotional sulky teen who only communicates in grunts and eyerolls.

This is sad because that's fertile primal play is probably where a lot of your imagination grew and was strongest. Now many of us are still creative, we write novels, short stories, paint, sing, play music, whatever and that's great. But playtime had no rules but the ones you created for yourself and the rules of the world were just in your head, or maybe your head and a friend or two.

So I think we should bring back playtime. (No not THAT) but just set aside time to play with some toys and don't worry about continuity or logic, just let your mind go and play with what you have. You might find it opens up your mind to be more imaginative and help break writers block by getting your creative juices flowing. Or just take you down roads in your creative art you didn't expect to wonderfully surprising results.

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